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Terrarium TV

Due to changes in various content servers the Megabox HD program has many failing links. The program needs an update and until this is done we recommend using Terrarium TV instead.

Terrarium TV has updated its app many times in the last weeks to keep up with the latest developments.

Every TVClub Box has the Terrarium TV program preinstalled but it needs to be updated with the following steps:

- Start Terrarium TV and go to 'Settings' via the icon with the 3 horizontal lines in the top left corner.

- Select the 'Settings' option and scroll down in the menu to the 'check for updates' setting. Check this box so the program can update.

- Exit Terrarium TV and start it again. It should come up with a window showing the latest update. Allow the update to download.

- When asked for permissions select 'all' and install the program.

- Ignore and click away any messages from Google, if any.

- Start Terrarium TV, it will show a list of changes and an option for ad removal (a one time cost of $5.99 by registering your box with your Google account and following the steps listed there) Click OK to ignore for now.

- Go to settings again, like in the first step of this list.

- In the menu, second option from the top, where there are videoplayer options, select MX player. In the latest version of Terrarium there are sound synchronization issues when using VLC player.

Terrarium TV should now work smoothly on your TVClub box.